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Lind & Schultz Finansial Consultants AB, registration number 556744–1349

Customer and contact register
Our customer and contact register consists largely of 100% business contacts, i.e. contacts to legal entities. For this, we have information about contact data for the contact person at each company. We have no other registers/tables where we in any way register or otherwise handle personal data.

Consultants register
We also have a register relating to consultants.

Personal data we store
The contact data we store for each contact person are:

  • Email address (in principle always)
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Mobile or direct telephone number (sometimes)

For consultants, we also have the CVs that the consultants sent us.

How do we collect personal data?

We only collect personal data in connection with customer contacts where we have booked meetings/meet or customers request quotes and/or that we have carried out assignments and/or requested to receive information and/or regular information in the form of newsletters or otherwise. By providing the information, you consent to us processing it in accordance with the information in this document.

We collect personal data according to the above from our consultants when they have demonstrated an interest in joining our network of consultants.

Why do we store personal data?

To be able to fulfill our commitments in connection with requests and/or orders from the respective customer. Also to be able to send regular newsletters or other information. Also to otherwise administer the relationship with our customers, consultants and/or for the purpose of fulfilling possible authority requirements. Where do we store the personal data? On hard drives in computers located in our office premises in Stockholm. These computers are not available to others are our own staff. How do we protect personal data? Both the databases and the backup are available only in our LAN (local
area network). The information cannot be accessed from the outside. Either via the internet or otherwise. Both computers and databases are protected by a
login procedure that requires both username and password, which means that they are accessible only to registered users within the company. For consultants, we also have a binder system with CVs that is cleaned continuously.

We do not disclose your personal data
We never disclose your personal data to any other party.

When do we delete or correct personal data?

We remove personal data if/when a certain registered person requests this in writing. This will then take place immediately, except in cases where all or parts of the personal data form part of an accounting certificate, e.g. reference on an invoice. In such cases, the regulations
according to the Accounting Act apply instead. If/when a certain registered person requests this to happen in writing and at the same time informs us how the personal data is to be corrected. We also regularly clean our records ourselves. Data that are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were originally collected are then removed.

This is how you get register extracts

If you want information about which personal data we have stored on you, contact us as below.

Regarding Newsletters

If you only want to be removed from the Newsletter mailing list, but otherwise agree that your personal data will continue to be registered, please contact us as below. Alternatively, you can also reply to a newsletter and put the order "Cancel" first in the subject line.

Contact details

Contact us if you have further questions, comments or requirements regarding our handling of personal data.