Thomas has 20 years’ experience as a finance manager and CFO

Thomas has over 20 years of experience as a CFO and finance manager from a range of industries, including travel and real estate. He has been working as a consultant for the past seven years, with a number of assignments coming through Lind & Schultz.

“It was recommended to me that I talk to Eva and Patrick and since our initial contact I have had several assignments in senior positions in finance departments, including as temporary finance manager with responsibility for personnel.”

Thomas has a background as an authorised public accountant and has carried out assignments for Lind & Schultz clients that have involved managing reporting and financial statements, as well as producing Board meeting materials and communiqués. He has also acted as project manager in a project to improve reporting in the finance departments and has helped clients with new investment models, investment calculations and decision support systems.

“It is important to me that I can work with people who are knowledgeable, have a good network and consistently deliver high quality. At Lind & Schultz, they combine this with a commitment and a consideration that you don’t find elsewhere. Eva and Patrick have very good relationships with both consultants and clients.”


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