Meet three Lind & Schultz consultants

Our consultants have different skills but they all have a lot of experience, good leadership skills and a high level of commitment. We allocate each assignment carefully and we attach great importance to ensuring that both the person and their skills match your needs. Our extensive network means we are always able to supply consultants with relevant experience in similar assignments.

Eva offered support with the IPO

Eva holds a master degree from the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg and after a long spell as a management consultant she set herself up as a freelancer in group accounting. For Lind & Schultz, she has helped to implement planning and budgeting systems at an insurance company. She has also spent a longer assignment in a group accounting department within the real estate industry, which among other things included working on the prospectus ahead of the company’s IPO, as well as the quarterly and annual financial statements and the accompanying annual report.

“Lind & Schultz has a well-established reputation, is widely known in the market and is particularly good at providing assignments that are interesting and fun. They are also easy to talk to and are always available if you have any questions,” says Eva.

Thomas has 20 years’ experience as a finance manager and CFO

Thomas has over 20 years of experience as a CFO and finance manager from a range of industries, including travel and real estate. He has been working as a consultant for the past seven years, with a number of assignments coming through Lind & Schultz.

“It was recommended to me that I talk to Eva and Patrick and since our initial contact I have had several assignments in senior positions in finance departments, including as temporary finance manager with responsibility for personnel.”

Thomas has a background as an authorised public accountant and has carried out assignments for Lind & Schultz clients that have involved managing reporting and financial statements, as well as producing Board meeting materials and communiqués. He has also acted as project manager in a project to improve reporting in the finance departments and has helped clients with new investment models, investment calculations and decision support systems.

“It is important to me that I can work with people who are knowledgeable, have a good network and consistently deliver high quality. At Lind & Schultz, they combine this with a commitment and a consideration that you don’t find elsewhere. Eva and Patrick have very good relationships with both consultants and clients.”

Monika: “Lind & Schultz gives me the opportunity to take on interesting assignments”

Consultant Monika has carried out several different assignments for Lind & Schultz over a several years. These have included everything from short-term calls-outs where the client needed emergency assistance, to longer assignments such as temporary solutions ahead of a future recruitment process or providing additional expertise for a specific project.

“Lind & Schultz has a good network of contacts, which gives me the opportunity to take on interesting assignments. They know me and my skills well, which means my assignments are successful for all concerned,” says Monika.

Monika has a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Uppsala University. After graduation, she worked at Ernst & Young for 17 years and became both an authorised public accountant and a partner. Since then she has worked as a freelance consultant for 15 years.


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